Social Innovative SMART Solutions in Pandemic Times For Communities


Mohammed Nafisul Islam
Fahmida Faiza Ananna
Thit Oo
Hend Marwan
Anika Tabassum
Rafayet Huda
Lubomba Halwampana
Aiman Darwisy

About the Project

The mission of the “Scan and Go” app is to create a safer environment in the park by keeping the people residing in the park accountable in following the safety rules guided by the app as well as involving the users in keeping the park clean and safe through the active participation of the sanitization process and at the end of the day make the people feel relaxed and help to ease from all the worries.

The general public who have a need or urge to visit the park needs a way to feel safer and relaxed when they visit the park instead of anxiety and stress over contracting Covid-19 and keep wondering if the last person crossing him/her might have had covid which could lead to the possibility of being transmitted to them. The objective of this project is intended to lessen this vague fear, panic and stress of Covid risk in people by ensuring strictly that the SOP’s are being followed and sanitizing the frequently interacted areas regularly. This project is expected to address Goal 3. Good Health And Well-being as one of the Global Goals for Sustainable Development where we put effort to ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages.

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