Evelyn Susanto
Issac/Ong Shen Zheng
Wico Limanto
Li Xiaoao
Shui Ruohan
Derrick Wibisono Ong

About the Project

Talkversity is a website where all online talk shows, seminar, and workshop gathered inside. Not only the live sessions, but also the recorded version as well as the subtitle. Here also can brainstorm with other colleagues in the forum page. Talkversity offer dozens of topics, that can be freely choose.

Talkversity also can divine as a platform for education. Through seminars and workshops people also can get knowledge and insights. Moreover, if the workshops are valuable enough, people will obtain new skill. So, this website will help as education agent that will really help people to increase their insight. We also arrange this website with a easy-to-access systems, where people can direct get in once they have an account. All features can be accessed with everyone once they have the account. No fees user need to pay in order to enjoy the website. We want to encourage people to have more interest and care to online talk shows because this will for sure help to gain more experience or innovation.

Objective/intended outcome : encourage people to have more attention towards online talk shows and can increase user's knowledge, insight, skill and networking while using this website.
UN SDG : 4. Education

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