Team Demeter Volunteering App


Nurul Iman Zulkiflie
Jeypraba A/P Veerapan
Tee Jun Keat
Kenenza Naila Danang
Lim Jievy
Huan Kai Jun
Fathimath Inaan Mohamed

About the Project

At first us as a team wanted to this community project to essentially aid the underprivileged or the needy people. Thus, we searched for organizations that supports and help in that area. One of the organizations would be Kechara Soup Kitchen. After collaborating and interviewing with Kechara Soup kitchen we realized the lack of manpower or volunteers was one of their issue. Therefore, our teams thought process was that if there were more people that would join, then essentially more people will be aided and helped. Hence, instead of marketing for people to join the Kechara Soup kitchen we would make an app that combines volunteering and the social aspect to motivate volunteers of all ages and make the process easier to volunteer. In broader sense, the idea to locate all the information of any or all non-governmental organizations, charity, soup kitchen, orphanages to come together and be part of an app that can be accessible to people and make known that these organizations exist. Moreover, the idea with the app, users are allowed to make the decision to donate from the list of organizations and help weather it is physically on the field or by just donating through items or monetary.

The organization that we worked with is Kechara Soup Kitchen in creating a volunteering app that would help them solve the issue of the lack of volunteers, especially during this Covid-19 pandemic. This is because, with the increase of volunteers, they can help more people and combat poverty in Malaysia. Although this is an app that is catered to Kechara Soup Kitchen, we strive to create an app that is catered to the different sectors and illustrate the concept of volunteering and modern technology of utilising an app that incorporates the social aspect.

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