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Fayazbek Umarov
Katherine Tiong
Siti Syireen Nabiehah
Alyssa Chang Pei Qi
Ling Siik Kee
Yap Wey Jun
Soo Wei Lun

About the Project

A website that consists of many features all relating to dengue fever. It contains information on dengue fever, a hotspot tracker, a hospital tracker, some mini games themed around dengue, a blog chat room where people can share their experiences or ask questions, some products that help prevent dengue and finally, a service that allows people to volunteer for events that can help combat dengue in today's day and age.

Dengue fever is still very prevalent in today's day and age. With the developing world still recording thousands upon thousands of cases every year, our group decided to try and focus on this issue and help deliver a product that will be able to combat this issue. The intended outcome of this project is to raise awareness for dengue fever. not only that however, we would also like to help the community by organizing events, selling products or allowing them to directly help us combat dengue via volunteering. The UN SDG this project addresses is sdg number 3- "Good Health" as we are focusing on prevention of one of the many diseases that plague the world. Our website is perfect for this outcome as it helps us directly impact the community and reduce dengue cases as well as impact people passively by educating them on the disease.

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