The Scholar by Kavaso


Vanessa Tai Tsuk Yinn
Kavesha Kanagasundaram
Sophie Sriudom

About the Project

Based on our overall topic, which was to reduce inequality, we decided on the notion to reduce inequality within social classes. We went for a more specific topic in which we choose to focus on the social class inequality in terms of applying for scholarships.

As there are many types of scholarships offered that caters to different social class, we decided to spread awareness to students who are eligible for said scholarships. The aim is to assist students who wants to apply for scholarships either in public university, private university, government, NGO and even internationally. Therefore, we decided to build a website to help the process of applying for scholarships smoother and easier. The solution was made because many students are not aware of the many scholarships out there especially the B40 students. With that in mind, the website was made to help them gain access to educational resources and enable them to enjoy the full benefits of a tertiary education with the help of finding the best suited scholarship.

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