The Walkervenient & The Walkervenient App


Amily Hoo Yik Yin
Ng Xin Yi
Tan Hui Shan
Loh Jit Loong
Nandhita Gyatrini
Peggy Chong Weng Kei
Yap Zhi Wei
Shri Raam Mohan

About the Project

This is Group 5 and we are currently doing a project with a topic “Good Health and Well-Being”, and our product, The Walkervenient, is a product that aims to help the elderly who are suffering from mobility issues. The walkervenient is modified walking support frame with additional functions that will be able to further assist the elderly as well as caretakers or family members who are currently looking after them. The Walkervenient consists of a waking support frame which has a built-in GPS tracker, medication reminder, LED lights, and emergency button. The Walkervenient comes with an application that can be downloaded for free by the elderly, caretakers or family members to enhance the usability of the Walkervenient.

In this project, we emphasise on SDG3: Good Health and Well Being. As we discovered that the majority of the elderly are encountering difficulties in walking on daily basis, as a result, our team aims to solve the mobility issues that the elderly suffering by developing a sustainable product for the elderly and their caretakers, known as the The Walkervenient, along with The Walkervenient App.

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