Three Cs (Classroom Covid Control)


Ngooi Jessalyn
Mohd Farith Sharani
Aqid Arazi bin Aziz
Goh Sher Reen
Lai Zhen Tao
Mohammed Khalid Abdullah
Sanjitha A/P Rajehsegaran
Thinesh Nantha Balan

About the Project

Tired of getting locked out of your classrooms during the pandemic? The new remodeled X-space collaborative classroom comes with new functions for safe learning while using the classroom. Designed with a new automated sliding door for the entrance functioning with a Digital device that scans your Taylors’s ID cards and show you the capacity of the rooms as well as use of UVC to conduct disinfection inside classrooms. Our fully automated innovation provides a hand-free entrance into classrooms. With this new functions with the use of technology, we strive to ensure safety, health and welfare of all Taylor’s students using classrooms and make contact tracing easier.

To address the problems faced by students during the pandemic, we have come up with an innovation to help resolve the issues on Taylor's Lakeside Campus. Our goals are:

· To reduce the likelihood of Covid-19 transmission inside classrooms.
· To ensure the safety, health and welfare of all Taylor’s students using classrooms.
· To make contact tracing in classrooms easier
· To reduce manual labour
· To ensure hands free and contactless access
· To overcome overcapacity in a classroom during pandemic

Utilization of the existing classroom at Taylors campus can be done with proper care for safety of the students’ health during this pandemic. To overcome these problems our team have created a system called “Three C’s” which stands for “Classroom Covid Control”. The purpose of this system is to allow space for the students to use the classroom to study or work on their assignments. User friendly to all Taylorians, students have to scan their own Student ID on the Digital scanner. This will record the timeline and identity of the student using the classroom. This will make contact tracing easier while they can supervise users accessing the classroom. The maximum student capacity in the classroom is 20. If the classroom reaches maximum capacity, the door will stop any more students from entering.

Upon exiting the classroom, when the motion sensor detects no motion for 10 minutes the door will be locked and the UVC lights will be automatically turned on to disinfect the room for 30 minutes and the Auto-Lock system will show the time remaining to access the room after disinfecting. The UVC lights will efficiently reduce the manual labour in hygiene and sanitization.

UVC is proven to have efficiency of killing 99.99% viruses and bacteria, in addition guarantee the well-being of the students who are in using the classroom for hands-on learning, the university will be pioneering in pandemic battling systems, education-wise. With the new sliding door design and while everything is automated, we can ensure hands-free access.

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