TOWNBYN - A Workout Robot


Tan Xin Wei
Tyffany Loh Wei Xin
Yong Yen Fen
Cherng Xin Yuan
Heng Jia Le
Tay Ming Yu
Wong Xiao Ying-

About the Project

The obsessive use of mobile devices, the internet or video games has become a norm among the youth, which causes them to neglect regular exercise and makes their parents find it challenging to motivate their children to work out regularly. To solve this problem, our group came out with a solution named “TOWNBYN”. "TOWBYN" is a combination of companion AI robot and mobile app that aims to assist parents in managing their children's daily screen time and motivating their children to carry out regular exercise effectively.

The UN SDG involved is Good Health and Well-Being.

The main objectives include:
1) To assist parents in motivating their children to work out regularly
2) To assist parents in controlling their children’s screen time effectively
3) To increase the prevalence of being physically active among adolescents
4) To lower the health risks that are associated to physical inactivity

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