VR EduAid App


Low Xin Yuan
Loo Sheah Hoong
Brennan Fung Kee Jinn
Muhammad Meraj
Toh Wei Keith
Mugdho Ibne Khaled
Ishak Omar Zambri

About the Project

Due to this pandemic, all the education modes have transformed to virtual classes. However, virtual classes should not be the barriers to improve the quality of education. Instead, we should keep the passion and motivation among the students. With that, our team has come up with a win-win situation by creating a VR EduAid App to make classes more immersive so that online classes can become a fun experience for all students. It is an app where it could be associated with any devices like VR goggles, smartphones and laptops to make students feel like they are having a physical class in their own home. We stimulated meaningful yet exciting experiences in virtual reality by turning online classes into physical classes and making socializing much easier. For example, there is a variety of classrooms, a virtual library to access study materials, an immersive 360-degree creative studio to conduct projects, and much more. Having classes in space is not impossible anymore. The only limitation is your imagination!

Our target audience in this project is undergraduate students. Online learning is currently the biggest barrier for undergraduate students from acquiring quality education as they do not have a good way to communicate with their lecturers and classmates. From this project, our project objective is to learn more about the specific problems faced by students who are currently undergoing virtual learning. We would also like to help undergraduate students communicate and socialize well with their lecturers and classmates virtually. In addition, we would like to raise awareness in students that quality education can be acquired even through virtual learning and ways to adapt to the new norm. Hence, the SDG goals of our project is quality education. Through our social innovation, we hope to help students to acquire quality education through virtual learning. We believe that our social innovation could also help students adapt to the new norm or virtual learning, making students more motivated and excited to pursue their education.

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