WasteBuster Composter


Kaif Razvi
Nevrita Raj
Jeslyn Lim Suharja
Deanne Maria Felsinger
Siti Nurliyana binti Zurkarnain
Ng Han Lik

About the Project

The wastebuster composter is a low cost machine designed to produce a compost end product that can be used in organic gardens or as additional fertilizer. The composter is designed to automatically rotate and mix compost materials at intervals using sensors placed within the compost bin. It also is able to signal users when the compost bin is too full to avoid the prolonging of the compost process. The composter is made up of three main parts, the wooden stand, the compost bin and the motor with a chain.

The WasteBuster Composter was designed to meet the requirement of the TREES NGO, to help improve the infrastructure of a kindergarten in the Mah Meri Orang Asli community in Pulau Carey. Hence our target audience is The Mah meri Tabika (Kindergarten) in Pulau Carey and the Orang Asli community around the Tabika. We developed the POV : The students and teachers of the Mah Meri Tablika need an effective and sustainable way to manage waste that will allow them to learn the importance of waste management and discover ways to reuse the waste. The UN SDG our project aimed to comply with is goal 1,6,8,7,9,11,12,13 and 15. The composter is designed to help the community and tabika compost left over waste to be able to reuse it instead of burning the waste. We had to ensure the idea was innovative, simple and affordable.

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