World Hunger (Happy Tummy)


Loh Sin Jade(G.Leader)
Liew Wei Leng (Secretary)
Wong Yi Leng
Chong Zi Xin
Christoffer Adriel
Monica May Auyong
Lee Wen Jing
Anabella Clarissa

About the Project

We have come up with a Food Donation app called 'Happy Tummy' to reduce World Hunger!
As you all know, World Hunger is happening all around the world and not just in Malaysia. This app aims to connect 3 main bodies together which are the donors, restaurant owners and non-government organizations. This will enable a more convenient way for all 3 parties to connect with each other especially for the underprivileged to obtain nutrition from our variety of restaurant selections!

This initiative involves the public, restaurants and NGOs to keep the app functioning and going actively. The building of the app involves crowdfunding, potential investors, app developers and our team to open up our project for better equipment and assistance. Our main client was Great Heart Charity Centre. We also worked together and interviewed a restaurant chef in a cafe called Surya Cafe and interviewed 2 NGO's which are Great Heart and Nourish Malaysia. Our product aims to reduce our UN SDG given which was World Hunger.

We hope to play a part in the community, helping those in need to reach more people through public funding. Our app is also an effort to instill better awareness among the public to constantly give to society, helping each other as much as we can no matter big or small. We hope to be able to indulge in more in the initiatives and efforts taken by other NGOs to be able to cater better results to society. We seek to understand the challenges faced by NGOs as well as the poor to better frame the overall outlook of our idea.

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