Design and Analysis of low-speed airfoil with Morphing wing configuration for optimal Aerodynamic performance

The project is to review the aerodynamic performance of current morphing wings in aircraft and conduct CFD Simulation of 3D wing with morphing wing configurations to obtain lift-to-drag coefficients ratio in order to investigate and analyse the aerodynamic characteristics of morphing wings.

Morphing wings made significant advancement in aircraft engineering by improving aerodynamic performance to better fuel efficiency. It is still under testing and research. NASA and MIT so far brought out the significant impact of morphing wing in aircraft technologies throughout their research and testing’s. Morphing wings has been part of aircraft engineering for many years; throughout the time, there have been many types of morphing wings. Aspects of each type of morphing wings were to improve the aerodynamic performance. The Objective of this project is to review, investigate and analyse the aerodynamic performance of morphing wing. The aerodynamic performance of morphing concept on a wing will be researched and analysed to obtained two potential morphing concepts. Wing based on of morphing wing configuration of the chosen morphing concept designed for Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulation. This investigation conducted two CFD analyses based on wing configuration each consist of a different morphing concept. Prior to main CFD simulation analysis, the simulated and reference data was verified. CFD results of lift and drag coefficient obtained analysed and compared with a regular wing to evaluate the aerodynamic performance of morphing wing

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