Design and Simulation of Fiber Optic Cable using SolidWorks for Landslide Monitoring

This paper presents fiber optic cable design and simulation using SolidWorks software. SolidWorks software is an effective tool that helps design, analyze, and give a better understanding of fiber optic cable capabilities and performances. The model of the fiber optic cable was developed based on the existing fiber optic drop cable. It is composed of mainly four parts: Fiber optic member, fiberglass-reinforced plastic (FRP) strength member, low smoke zero halogen (LSZH) jacket, and steel wire. A static study was performed to determine the designed model's ability to endure various levels of pressing and pulling forces. Simulation results showed that the cable can withstand a maximum of 195 N pulling force and 30000 N pressing force with a displacement of 1.78e+02 mm and 4.94e-01 mm respectively. The findings will contribute to the design of a new or novel fiber optic cable that capable to monitor landslide activities with higher durability in future studies.