Bachelor of Science (Honors) in Architecture

Sensorial Space

The sensorial experience is a journey from confined private space to a wide open social space. the built up space is able to accommodate 2-3 people. It is like an elevated maze. You can choose to end the journey halfway or enjoy the full experience till the end.

Āntārām, Nature Park Retreat

Āntā: Endpoint of a journey bounded by the sea; Rām: Stop, stand still amongst a dark shrouded entity. The proposal for Āntārām is situated in a Mangrove Forest overlooking the Selangor River system. The design explored the idea of focal point, sculpture and circulation in revisiting the notion of a weekend retreat in a nature park.

Memory Lane, Visitor Interpretive Centre

This is a story that is forgotten in time, in a place where sorrow and hope coexist, a place called Valley of Hope. This structure is an architectural tribute that serves to kite the battle-scarred heroes of the past and the present. A storybook in the form of a structure that uses the past to tell a story of the present.

Through the Marketplace

A Malaysian market provides an activity within a neighborhood which creates a reason for the community to connect, however it is evident that they are getting displaced by supermarkets as younger generations don't realise the benefits overshadowed by weaknesses of cleanliness, circulation and appearance. The project aims to conserve the original characteristics while eliminating the intimidation of a Malaysian market.

Kajang Community Centre

The term ‘Community’ reflects the soul of the building; it’s people. It is about the past that carves out its present state. The centre provides a third space with complementary programs to invite the public to experience the heritage values of the site, increasing the social and optional activities which builds relationships between people. The design is explored with horizontal engagement, permeability and soft edges in relation to Life Between Buildings by Jan Gehl.

Silat Cultural Centre

Silat is more than just stances and graceful movements. There is a transcendental transformation of the self and the surroundings during Silat combats. The centre can assist the community in understanding nature outside, learn about the nature of the self within and how to navigate through uncertain terrains, both physically and emotionally.

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