Sensorial Space

The sensorial experience is a journey from confined private space to a wide open social space. the built up space is able to accommodate 2-3 people. It is like an elevated maze. You can choose to end the journey halfway or enjoy the full experience till the end.

To look back at our beautiful tectonic structure and deconstruct it layer by layer to have a fresh perspective of it and re-explore the relationship between the banal action and our design. From here, identify a dominant theme from our understanding of design elements and principles of our project 2 design and enhance the structure to create a poetic architectural representation and own reinterpretation of our 1:1 Tectonic.

Sensitivity to the articulation and mastery of spatial experience should ignite a sensorial experience for the user. To develop articulation and sensorial experience to highlight the beauty of the banal action, we had to further continue research on anthropometry and ergonomics to enhance the emphasis on our chosen banal action. Got to understand materiality like concrete, timber, glass/translucent/transparent and apply it to our design to capture the sensorial and spatial experience throughout the journey of user.

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