Through the Marketplace

A Malaysian market provides an activity within a neighborhood which creates a reason for the community to connect, however it is evident that they are getting displaced by supermarkets as younger generations don't realise the benefits overshadowed by weaknesses of cleanliness, circulation and appearance. The project aims to conserve the original characteristics while eliminating the intimidation of a Malaysian market.

A design proposal for a wet-market and food-court in Seksyen 1, Bangi. The intention of the design aims to create a less intimidating market in comparison to the current Malaysian wet-markets which would appeal to the younger generation where the stalls are based along paths which is an inspiration taken from an outdoor pasar. These paths separate the category of products and provide an escape to the exterior, eliminating the tension in the market caused by pointless navigation. Linked by a ramp, the food-court aligns its view into the porous canopies of the existing trees allowing glimpse of the green area and Medan Usahawan Bangi to create a serene environment without isolating the space from the site.

In response to the dormant site, the massing of the design follows the concept of diffusion; to spill the pedestrians, channeling them into the district while creating a place for the gathering of the existing food-stalls around the district to induce placemaking. Overall, the market and food-court plays with the serial vision of the user, where spaces reveal and places align in view as the user circulates through the marketplace.

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