Aero Hi Peach- The Flavoured Hydrogen Infused Peach Lemonade

Hydrogen infused sparkling water is one of the latest inventions in the healthy beverage industry. The current available similar products in the market is either too expensive or lacks promotion that causes those products to be less popular in Malaysia. Our product aims to bring affordable price and unique specialty to the consumers.

"Aero", is a prefix originating from Greek that relates to air and flight. In the case of our product, it refers to its light, refreshing nature and also the infusion of hydrogen in the drink. ‘Feel light’ is our tagline and it relates back to our brand name having the meaning of air and flight. Similar to the thought of aeroplanes in the sky, it suggests the feeling and sensation we strive to achieve with our product.

The suggested ingredients in our product include water, lemon extract, peach extract, Lakanto, sodium alginate, hydrogen gas and carbon dioxide. Our targeted market are young adults (age 20-45 years old). The presence of alginate beads in hydrogen infused drinks is rarely new to the market. According to competitor analysis, there are no other hydrogen drink that is infused with alginate beads. In addition to that, the use of healthy raw materials such as Lakanto instead of refined sugar like sucrose will be deemed attractive for young adults who are more health conscious.

The preferable time to consume hydrogen water is within 15 to 30 minutes after opening in order to ingest the maximum amount of the hydrogen. Studies suggested that molecular hydrogen was found to be able to fights free radicals in our body and protects our cells from the effects of oxidative stress. With that, in order to provide a better storage, handling as well as distribution’s method, the hydrogen-infused water will be stored in a aluminum pouch to maintain its antioxidant properties. The overall shelf life of our product is projected to be up to 6 months without opening when stored correctly at a cool and dry place.



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