Hydrofizz- The Lemon-Flavoured Hydrogen Sparkling Drink

A multifunctional drink that focuses on the health, well-being and also convenience for the customers. The product will exhibit a fizzy like appearance due to the injection of carbon dioxide. The solid and chewy texture of the aloe vera to be added into the product will add up to a better mouthfeel and viscosity.

Ever since the pandemic hits the world in 2020, our team noticed that people are getting more health conscious by getting all kinds of supplements to boost their immune system. A healthy body is important to help fight illnesses, to go about our daily lives and to chase after our goals. Nevertheless, the thought of taking all these supplements can be a nuisance to some people especially young adults as it adds more struggles in life; it takes too much time to consume, it takes up space, it is too expensive to purchase consistently, or it just does not taste good. We thought there must be a way to make it less troublesome to get those health benefits and taste good at the same time.
Hence our product Hydrofizz will provide quick and convenient solutions for young adults (ages 25-34) who would like to consume carbonated drink with health benefits. The ingredients in our product will include hydrogen infused water, aloe vera cubes, Vitamin C, Magnesium, Vitamin D, Carbon dioxide, and Lemon flavouring. Vitamins C, D and Magnesium are suggested by studies to be able to promote calcium absorption and retention, enhance the absorption of iron and improve the utilization of calcium and phosphorus in our body.
The personality traits of the brand are practical, easy-going, down-to-earth, reliable and glamorous. The brand inspiration is to increase the quality of life and promote a healthier lifestyle with minimal effort.
The product requires no refrigeration and has to be kept away from high temperatures. The hermetically sealed aluminium pouch will be used to pack the product as it is air-tight which can be transported or stored for long periods of time without affecting quality or hydrogen leakage.



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