Game On (AFECA Asia MICE Youth Challenge)

Game On is an event idea created for a competition entitled AFECA Asia MICE Youth Challenge. In the competition, students showcase their creativity and present fresh and unique event ideas for the industry. The team comprised Denise Chy En-Ning, Lee Zhee Xuan, Ong Jun Kai and So Jia Jun.

Ever since video games first appeared on screen, we have always been mesmerized and entertained by gaming. ESport industry is a serious business and a new big-money career of choice for the world’s top players. As a career choice, playing video games is one that most parents would scoff at, but this could change their minds in this technology era. Nowadays, eSports is a billion-dollar industry that is threatening to disrupt and rival real-life sports, with millions of viewers worldwide and huge audience that are willing to travel and pay money to watch their heroes in action. With that, the idea of Game On was born.

Game On is an eSport exhibition idea with demonstrations, Meet & Greets and friendly matches in Malaysia. This 3 days event will take place at MITEC, Kuala Lumpur. The event aims to provide exhibitors the opportunity to promote their latest products and services, improve their company brand image in Southeast Asia. The event features eSports industry experts, famous eSports players and influencers. Highlight of the event includes gaming lounge, game testing of hyper reality gaming experience, stage demonstration of Google Stadia just to name a few.

As mentioned, this idea was created for an international competition, AFECA Asia MICE Youth Challenge where we have to prepare the proposal and present the idea to judges from the industry. The main highlight of the presentation is where we incorporate the idea of being in a game.

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