Hype It Up 2020 - Fashion Streetwear Competition

Hype It Up 2020 - Streetwear Fashion Competition is a streetwear fashion competition held virtually on Facebook Live. It is a competition that attracts youngsters who are interested in Streetwear fashion to gather and compete virtually by sending pictures for semi-finals and videos in the final live. With the votes of judges and supporters, the winner will be taking back RM900 cash prize as well as RM250 e-voucher from one of the famous streetwear brands in town, HypeStages.

This is a virtual event that attracts streetwear lovers who are interested in joining this competition. We have a total of 22 contestants joining this competition and TOP 10 has been chosen to showcase their streetwear video during our live. The TOP 10 contestants are chosen from the most likes by their own supporters on Facebook. The TOP 10 then produce videos of their own and project on live. In this livestream, audience and judges will be voting the TOP 10 videos online and the TOP 3 and 2 consolation prize with the highest score will win the competition. The votes from the audience will weigh 50% out of 100%. The remaining 50% comes from three judges who will judge and give marks during the Livestream on the event day. Judges are representatives from 90sGlobe and HypeGuardian, Bryan Chye, Andy Chong and Chong Wei Lun. 

The objective of this event is to assist upcoming designers and artists to step into the market, by gaining exposure as well as meeting with the judges. This is a good platform for them to showcase their streetwear fashion. Other than that, in the recovery of the lockdown due to pandemic, people are waiting for events like Hype It Up 2020 - Fashion Streetwear Competition to gain back the entertaining feel as well as interesting activities during the lockdown phase. 

We have side activities to attract more audience to join our event during live, which is the Scavenger Hunt. Scavenger Hunt is a side activity where we insert stars (*) in our countdown post, the winners can get a free RM50 e-voucher of HypeStages, HypeGuardian and 90sGlobe, we have 12 winners for this activity in total. Scavenger Hunt participants participate in this event by identifying all 19 stars in 5 countdown designs and to comment in the main post giving reason “Why would you like to participate in Hype It Up 2020 - Streetwear Fashion Competition?”. After answering, participants will have to share the post and like the instagram post to increase engagement between the public. 

On the event day during virtual, the total people reach is 592 pax without paid promotions with the highest viewers during live is 109 pax. The total of post engagement is 524 pax with viewers commenting, shares and likes. Overall it is a new concept in the Final Year Projects, and we are glad to hold such event during the pandemic to create a fresh impact towards the public. 

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