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Moishi is frozen yogurt mochi with flavours inspired by traditional malaysian dessert, Cendol. The mochi is filled with coconut, palm sugar (gula melaka) and additional swirled red bean frozen yogurt. The selected flavours are components of an iconic local traditional dessert in Malaysia, Cendol, sure to spark interests from consumer.the yogurt has been made with black soldier fly larvae oil substituting the milk fat that in total deems Moishi as a sustainable healthy and indulgent snack as well as dessert that brings back nostalgic memories.

With the ever-increasing number of the human population, more food needs to be supplied. As such, sustainable sources of food needs to be considered to increase the food supply while inflicting less detrimental effects on the environment such as the release of greenhouse gases. In that sense, local food sources have been extensively promoted to resolve the problem concerned with unsustainable sources. Over the recent years, the utilization of insects as potential food sources to satisfy the demands for nutritious and sustainable foods. The current perception of consuming edible insect food products encompasses disgust as a key determining factor in edible insect food products’ acceptability. Hence, the development of nutritious and indulgent insects food products is needed. The edible insect component to be used for food development is Black Soldier Fly Larvae (Hermetia Illucens) Oil on full fat yogurt. Through market and consumer study, cendol frozen yogurt in mochi was created. Though cendol flavour is nothing new in Malaysia, frozen yogurt that is cendol flavoured is described as unique and was very appreciated by interviewees when concept acceptance was conducted. Data from consumer study also revealed that is consumers’ prefer flavoured yogurt. Additionally, this concept utilizes local ingredients such as coconut, red bean, palm sugar and pandan leaves, costing less than common flavours such as berries and thanks to high availability. The milk fat in milk powder is exchanged for the black soldier fly larvae oil in making the yogurt. In that context, technical ingredients such as emulsifiers, stabilizers and gums had to be used to emulsify the oil into the yogurt mixture, creating a smooth frozen yogurt texture and prolonging the quality of the mochi skin to remain chewy under frozen condition. In order to manifest this concept, Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) was implemented alongside packaging designing and marketing strategies.

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