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Capple, a sweet Chocolate spread with cashew nut base encompassing refreshing green apple flavour and an earthy taste of cocoa. Inspired by a classic American snack with the addition of cocoa as a special twist, this unique spread will bring familiar yet exciting flavours to the breakfast table. Not only does the spread have a unique flavour, it also fuels your body with nutrients. This spread is definitely a healthier choice being cholesterol-free, trans-fat free, and low in sodium. To top it off, the packaging is extremely convenient making it the perfect on-the-go snack to fulfill your food spread needs anytime, anywhere.

The expanding world population has raised the demand for more sustainable food sources. Research on insects as alternative food sources have been carried out in the past few years and Black Soldier Fly Larvae (BSFL) oil in particular has drawn the attention of many researchers. This study’s objective is to develop a spread product with the utilization of BSFL oil. Through development of a beta concept, and food product development, this study specifically investigates the potential of nut-based spread with BSFL oil incorporation as a sustainable ‘Green’ market product. In this framework, nine studies were carried out to verify the hypothesis that there is an acceptance of nut based spread with BSFL oil incorporation and a potential market for such a product. These studies included the market study, consumer study, ideation, feasibility study, concept acceptance study, gold standard study, commercial product study, manufacturing and packaging study, and finally the marketing strategy study. These studies revealed that there is a positive correlation with the hypothesis, indicating a potential market for such nut-based spreads with BSFL oil incorporation. In this study, the product developed was a cashew nut based spread, with chocolate and green apple flavouring, using BSFL oil as the main source of fat. Therefore the development of the product was successful, with some consumer acceptance indicating a niche market potential for this product, and products with BSFL oil incorporation.

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