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Meltlove™ is a chocolate product with a melty milk chocolate with a good amount of black soldier fly larvae oil paired with the strawberry gel-like jam in the centre of the milk chocolate filling that gives the refreshing tone. The dual filling is enclosed by a savory crunch peanut cracker that is infused with hickory smoke along with a dark chocolate coating.

There is a rising demand for more sustainable food sources due to the rising human population. Insect product specifically Black Soldier Fly Larvae (BSFL) oil has been a potential cocoa-butter substitute in chocolate products. This study aims to develop a chocolate product with the usage of BSFL oil. Specifically, it analyzes the potential of a new ‘green’ market, develops a solid beta concept, and the realization of the concept through food product development. In this context, food product development is defined as systematic tasks to generate a new food product by either modifying the existing product or creating a new product. To test the hypothesis that there is a potential and acceptance of chocolate with BSFL oil, both quantitative and qualitative research were conducted. In specific, nine studies were conducted which were market study, consumer study, ideation, feasibility study, acceptance study, gold standard study, commercial product study, manufacturing & packaging study, and marketing strategies study. The results showed a positive correlation to the hypothesis where there is a potential niche-market and the opportunity to mass-produce a chocolate product consisting of smoked peanut crackers filled with both strawberry filling and milk chocolate filling coated with dark chocolate. The utilization of BSFL oil in milk chocolate filling produced not only a meltability texture but also the health benefits in terms of lauric acid. These results suggest that Meltove™ has been developed successfully and the new ‘green’ market has been fully assessed. Hence, there is a huge opportunity of incorporating BSFL oil in food products.

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