Title: Effective solar heat shielding Roof System
Biomimicry study:  Silver Ant

Name: Chiu Zheng Yi



Dealing with building cooling is crucially need in the sustainable aspect, and also minimize the solar heat gain through roof should be a significant aspect of a building. This project researched on Biomimicry – Silver Ant which emphasize on the morphology of the hair in reflecting sun radiation in order to keep body temperature lower. Through the experiment by using the theory behind Silver Ant, prototype with 45 degree, prototype with 45 degree with grooves and by arranging 60 degree and 45 degree prototype each side-by-side in upper and lower level are the optimum result on keeping internal temperature lower.



Bundle of heat absorb & retain by roof


Increase of indoor temperature

Cooling Devices which cause power consumption


Dealing with building cooling in sustainable aspect


One of the adverse effects of climate change is extreme heat. Urban areas know as ‘heat islands’ are especially affected by materiality of the build environment’s surface, lack of vegetation and most importantly, the emission of carbon dioxide and power consumption by cooling devices. This project aims to discover how the roof systems can be more efficiency to insulate the building which minimize the penetration and absorption of the solar radiation from sun. The roof design is inspired by Sahara Silver Ant which uses total internal reflection to keep the internal of the building lower in the urban heart island. Translucent, sealed and prisms shape of the roof panels in this project provide optimal total internal reflection happened in order to minimize the penetration and absorption of heat from solar radiation. This project has been carry out in few stages in the experiment stage which are varies of angle, different layering and density. Through those different kind of approaches in the experiment, the design of the roof aims to be more effective as a heat shielding device which allow for maximum incidence of total internal reflection in order to minimize penetration of sun radiation and keep internal temperature lower.

Biological Strategy

Sahara Silver Ant



  • Hair as unique exterior defense to beat the heat.

  • No sleek skin, shell and scales

  • Triangularly shaped hairs

  • Parallel arrangement of hair

  • Small gap between hairs and body surface

  • Hairs have flat base and two upper side are grooved

  • Parallel arrangement of hair

  • Multiple grooves

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