Social Innovation

Homeless To Home

Homelessness is an international issue that exists in a lot of societies and every locality people live in, and some people in the world suffer from instability due to homelessness. When an individual is homeless, they have lost a safe and stable place to reside. Our project, The Tricastle resembles the three conical roofs of a castle so it was named after the shape of a castle. It is portable with wheels and handle for easy dragging. It can also be folded into a trolley that can carry their personal belongings on-the-go. This idea was better in terms of protection as it can protect the homeless from sun, insects, wind, rain, hot and cold temperatures as well as enemy observation. In addition, the homeless can rest and stay inside the shelter, it provides a feeling of well-being.

No Taste for Waste

No Taste for Waste was established by a group of 8 students from Taylor’s University. Our purpose is to ease the operation flow of the orphanage which has been suffering from difficult times due to the outbreak of the pandemic. We came up with an idea to bring convenience and simplicity to both the orphanage and the donors. A prototype was sent to them for a test in order for us to gain further information from a third-party perspective. As a result, their evaluation about the prototype had enlightened us and we had made better changes.

Food Link

Food Link is an application that helps the community’s vulnerable groups by connecting them with merchants and volunteering groups to get food, reduce food wastage and attract volunteers.

The Droomba

The Droomba is a device installed on top of drains with the ability to release volatile repellents into the surroundings based off hydrosensors which detect suitable water levels and current in the drains. Its intention is to provide a hassle free, and easily maintained method of warding off (repelling) Aedes mosquitoes to inhibit the spread and infection of Dengue virus. It is designed to be a cheap and affordable device by the common public, especially those who live in Dengue infested areas.

Jadi Kawan 2.0

Around the world, there had been mental health issues among teenagers due to stress, neglect, child abuse or even trauma. It has been found that loneliness is as dangerous as smoking a cigarette and it happens among teenagers. The reason being is that either they have low self-esteem, or they might have bad experience to death. So we had interviews with teenagers with metal health issues and we can conclude that what they have in common is loneliness. They are afraid to reach out for help so we decided to create a mobile application called Jadi Kawan 2.0 which aims to curb the suicide and depression rate among adolescence and inspire people to be more sociable and be less lonely.

Repurposing Food Waste From Eateries

Food wastage is a growing global crisis that is affecting the physical health of the earth and the population inhabiting the entire planet. According to the Solid Waste Management and Public Cleansing Corporation (SW Corp), around 16688 tonnes of food are wasted in Malaysia daily. On top of that, the amount rises by 15%-20% during festive seasons. However, most of the restaurants in Malaysia are still unaware about the issue on how to handle the leftover food by customers. Therefore, the approach of the project team is to develop a sustainable and affordable system to handle the leftover food. This was done by developing a cloud system in an application and also implementing a multifunction bin that can be placed in the kitchen of the restaurant. In the end, the team was able to achieve 2 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) which are the SDG 2, Zero Hunger and SDG 12, Responsible Consumption and Production.


Our product is an app made with the goal to motivate users to help reduce litter in public areas. Users can pick up a specific number of litter in a day and send in photos or videos of proof which will earn them myEko Points that can be traded at government run stores for discounts.

Beyond The Usual

Currently, our society lack of knowledge and awareness regarding the intellectual disabled community. They face problems such as lack of appropriate training and education, unequal and unfair treatment when it comes to work, and lack of financial aid.
Beyond the Usual, an application specifically catered for the intellectual disabled community where we provide a platform to connect the intellectual disabled community and the public. The application allows the intellectual disabled to seek for jobs, financial aid, or even reach out to volunteers for help. It also provides insight on intellectual disabilities thus increasing the awareness and knowledge of society on intellectual disabilities.

The Neighbour’s Mosquito Trap

The Dengue Virus is a dangerous disease that has affected many lives of all ages and the best way to combat this problem is by effectively reducing the breeding of these Aedes Mosquitoes. We came out with an idea to capture the mosquitoes in our housing areas by using a simple yet effective mosquito trap made from recyclable and cheap items that you can find in your homes. This mosquito trap kills and reduces the number of mosquitoes instead of just avoiding the mosquitoes which will invite these mosquitoes to other houses if they do not use repellents such as mosquito repellent and mosquito coils. Furthermore, most consumers cannot afford to get a fully built mosquito trap which costs a hefty price. Our long-term goal is to have every individual to build one of these traps and take other precautionary measures so that the spread of Dengue Virus can be reduced.

Children's issues and challenges in Chow Kit: Children and Abuse

Our Social Innovation Project has been one that focuses on Children's Issues and Challenges in Chow Kit: Children And Abuse. child bullying and abuse are worldwide issues that have had detrimental effects on our society and thus, we have decided to take a stand against it. Our prototype V.R.T.I.V.E, which stands for Virtual Reality: The Immersive Victim's Experience, take advantage of the technological advancements of the new age and provide our users with an opportunity to experience the world from another person's eyes, minus the risk, with the use of V.R. Goggles. These V.R Goggles allow kids, those from Yayasan Chow Kit in particular, to learn through experience about the negative effects of child bullying and abuse effectively by putting them through various scenarios through the point of view of either the victim or the bully himself. After all, this follows the principles of the saying "experience is the best teacher". We are sure this innovation that is designed to counter such child issues will help play a vital role in the upbringing of the children of Yayasan Chow Kit to become civilized people and improve our society for the better.

Food Waste

CAN-SWO, stands for 'Concern Actual Needs - Social Welfare Organization' a website, created by 8 universities students, that is usable to two user groups: social welfare organizations and food benefactors. This website allows the food benefactors to be more aware on the welfare organizations’ actual needs of food so that food donation will not be overload until being wasted meaninglessly. Meanwhile, it also allows the food donors to acknowledge the food waste problem of the welfare organization. Therefore, this website is a tool to help the food donors know how much and amount of food they should be donated. We should help welfare organizations because they deserve more help from the society.

The Converter

Food waste is an inevitable issue nowadays, and it’s fairly believed that restaurants contribute a major part to it. Therefore, the idea of a converter has formed to combat the issue of food waste for restaurants as it has multiple beneficial purposes. It allows restaurants to effectively convert food waste into biogas, fertilizer, and electricity, which saves up costs for them. Not only this, it’s industrial friendly, and could be installed at different kinds of restaurants. The converter resolves the issue most practically, as to make waste into useable energy. More so, waste and leftovers were able to convert to useable energy, which enhances the environment by fulfilling the needs of restaurant

Food Security

Our topic is food hunger and we have a idea to create something like an application to help those NGO organizations in our country. We have a idea to create applications to help the NGO organizations (or refugee centers) because they did not get any subsidize form government and they have to continue it with the donations from other people. So we hope that the applications really can help them and make their life better if the application is success and it can publish to society.

Safe Traveler (Covid-19 Travel Map & SafeZone Database)

The main idea behind our app, the Safe Traveler is to enable students, business & leisure travelers to access relevant information on the border control of the countries, updated covid-19 stats, SOPs followed within the countries, identification of hotspots, receive covid-19 exposure notifications and availability of airlines to the preferred destinations from a single platform. We believe this app will be an innovative solution specially to our target audience to fly safely without having to be affected by the current pandemic and be instrumental in preventing covid-19 related to travelling.


Anxiefree is a multipurpose community app designed to reduce anxiety and the feeling of isolation. The app includes a customizable “panic button” feature which would enable immediate help when experiencing an anxiety or a panic attack. Anxiefree also provides a safe environment to connect with other users of similar interests and problems. With Anxiefree, you can connect within and further beyond.

Health Hub

Our project, Health Hub is aimed and focused on developing and implementing innovative solutions to offer a positive impact on the community. Health Hub focuses on the topic of health and fitness of an individual. Additionally, our main goal of this project is to find out why people are not aware of the healthy diet and exercise patterns.

Children’s Issues and Challenges in Chow Kit : Children's Basic Needs (Meals - Nutrients)

Our project has focused on Children’s Issues and Challenges in Chow Kit : Children's Basic Needs (Meals- Nutrients). This project highlights on UN Sustainable Development (SDG) no. 3 - Good Health and Well-being. The purpose of the prototype is to help YCK to tackle the issues they are facing in the area of healthcare by providing a fun way for the children to take their vitamins. As prevention is better than cure, we aim to help strengthen the immune system of the children at YCK through the VIT-Tracker and the gummies it provides. The VIT-Tracker is a machine inspired by vending machines that functions to provide vitamins and nutrient supplements in the form of gummies to the children of Yayasan Chow Kit whilst monitoring their nutrition intakes.

Reusable Mask for people who unavoidable to wear it

A facial mask that is biodegradable. Prior to the pandemic, most of the facial masks that sell in the local stores are just for one-time use and it is uncomfortable for many people, like face acne as the mask keeps rubbing the skin by wearing it for a long period. Moreover, The number of used disposable masks being thrown as general waste that leads to environmental pollution keeps increasing because wearing face masks is a new normal as we enter the post-COVID-19 era. Therefore, there has been a great push in the area of producing reusable face masks, which are mostly cotton based that come with a filter layer inserted. With awareness of the recent situation, we tried to target the people who need to wear the mask for job purposes since there were lots of concerns that caused by normal masks regardless of working place. By covering all problems above in our mask, we have expected it to become a better solution for them.

Feeding the poor with the vertical Herb Garden

The variety of herbs in the herb garden is very limited, causing limited exposure for students of SJK(T) Jalan Tepi Sungai to the herbs. Therefore, this project aims to aid the school to make full use of its garden space and tackle issues faced with the garden. In the end, this project can educate school children in identifying different types of herbs and vegetables, important uses including growing them in a garden. A prototype was also made on how we are making changes to the herb garden to make it more productive to sustain the canteen to feed the marginalised children in the school. Many innovative ideas have been put together as a team such as, hydroponic watering, rainwater harvesting, vertical gardening, and solar paneling which will provide the best for the students of the school.

Virtual Generated Classroom

Teaching and learning during these pandemic times should be a fun, convenient, and easy experience for both the children and teachers. However, that is not the case as many children and teachers find that learning through an online platform to be difficult. Many children find it hard to focus in class due to the distractions of home and the teachers on the other hand find it hard to control the students. This results in children that lack the skills to adapt to a physical environment when they return to school, and teachers who may even have a harder time teaching them.

Psychological and Well-being of medical staff and new parents

The main objective of this project is to find out the psychological and well-being needs of working adults or in this case would be medical staff and new parents. Our research problem would be how to overcome the psychological and well being of medical staff and new parents when it comes to neonatal care?
The methods used in the project was by having an interview via online (Zoom) with three participants. One that caught our attention was a nurse who works in the ICU under Neonatal care. We then brought an idea to the table where we would create an app to aid and guide new parents and the newly born babies. This way it saves the time and energy of nurses or any medical staff. According to the nurse, this project idea could be very helpful for everyone.

Sterile Insect Technique (SIT) Mosquitoes Trap

The project is aiming to reduce or eliminate the dengue virus by using the Sterile Insect Technique (SIT) to sterilize male mosquitoes causing infertility so that when it breeds with female mosquitoes, no mosquito larvae will be produced. A single female mosquito could lay up to 50 - 300 eggs at the time. With no mosquito larvae being produced, it greatly reduces the mosquito population and the ability of an dengue infected mosquito to pass the virus to her young. Less mosquitoes, fewer bites, lesser the transmission.


We as a group, realise that children’s face mask is very crucial, especially during this global pandemic. We believe that children are our future, therefore, we have to take care of them. Before we started, we all had to ask ourselves “What problems do children face?” That is when Empathy comes in, we interview children, parents and teachers to find out what problems they face with children’s face masks first hand. Then, we move to Define, where we analyse the data we have gotten from the interview. We then move to Ideate, where we brainstorm what we can create to fix the problem they face, and that’s when the idea of “Mascarilla” comes to our minds. Mascarilla is a reusable, comfortable and breathable face mask suitable for children. After coming up with the idea of Mascarilla, we had to create several prototypes and test it, whether or not people will like it.

Food security

Our group have came up with an idea called “the food aid garden centre”, a multipurpose urban garden centre that aims to achieve food security within urban areas through the use of urban agriculture practices.(well not jus any other ordinary garden), but also a learning centre that teaches the urban poor to grow their own backyard vegetable garden at home. . There will also be a kitchen facility where we teach the urban residents how to clean, prepare and cook the vegetables that are harvested. Not to mention, Centre will also have its own research and development section to discover better gardening methods, water irrigation system, organic fertilizers and crops to increase productivity while minimizing the resource used.

Repurposing Food Waste in Eateries

THE WASTE LAB is an app that strives to assist in UN’s SDG 12. From our interviews with our target audiences, we found that they have problems in managing their food waste because of the lack of manpower and knowledge, the odor it leaves as well as limited space within the cafe. Some strengths of the app would be that it strives to eliminate food waste, it will provide more jobs, and that it’s easy to use!

How does the app work? The app is categorized into three different users, namely, seller, buyer, and driver. The sellers’ app allows them to market their available food waste to buyers. Conversely, through the buyers’ app, they are able to select the food waste that they desire. Lastly, the driver’s app gets notified when there’s a job available to deliver the food waste from the seller to the buyer.


Arise is a multifunctional mindfulness application created to be used in the workplace to allow employers to encourage the psychological well-being of their employees. By using Arise, employers are able to understand employees' thoughts and opinions and make necessary changes to improve the work environment. Arise offers organizational, social, wellness, and tools that allow employers to aid the employees to improve their mental health. Consequently, it also allows employers and employees to be able to manage their time and energy, reduce their stress levels as well as to promote a better work environment.

SmallJobs SmallBucks

SmallJobs SmallBucks is a simple, safe and easy-to-use app that would help college students earn some extra cash on the go. Students and staffs of registered universities can sign into our app to start looking for SmallJobs or post up a SmallJob! Once a student accepts a job, all they would need to do is complete the task and they would be able to receive the money from their client. SmallJob SmallBucks has multiple features such as our SmallJob Tracker, our rating system and our report job function that will ensure the safety of our users. SmallJobs SmallBucks, finish those tasks and get your money fast!

Restructuring the Library and Media room

Our group was assigned to work on possible improvements for the library and the media room of SK(T) Tepi Sungai, Klang. Due to Covid-19 limitations, we only had access to photos to certain portions of the library and media room. However, by conducting a meeting with one of the school teachers in the school, we were able to access as to what was needed to be done. Through various ideas, we decided to create a more child- centered library for the children to enjoy reading, have story telling activities and cultivate learning. Our prototype involves a virtual mock-up (created via digital software) of our rendition for an improved library and media room. Mainly focusing on ensuring a conducive learning environment while maintaining comfort. It is our hope that the prototype would prove to be engaging for the students as well as making teaching easier for the teachers.

User-friendly Bus Stop—I.S.A.C.A

Bus stops are a very important element in urban mobility, linking the user to public transport. It is essential that the infrastructure be adequate to accommodate the users with comfort and safety, providing correct information about the city and the transport system. Our targeted group is 19-30 years old undergraduate university students, including disabled students, who use buses to travel often. They need more seats, bigger space and a shade to shelter them while locating the bus stop in a convenient and safe area. We name our bus stop as I.S.A.C.A. This acronym stands for Informative, Safety, Accessibility, Capacity and Additional Facilities. Our bus stop has unique design features which fulfills the five stated aspects to build a sustainable city.


Edu-On-The-Go is a mobile library, tuition centre and educative playhouse. It is targeted for underprivileged children from preschool to high school. Underprivileged teens that lack qualifications for jobs will work as tutors. It operates everyday from 8am-9pm. Besides that, outdoor activities will be organized monthly in and out of the truck. Our 40 ft. Edu-On-D-Go mobile library consists of several functional spaces such as the study area, kids play area and a quiet room for private studies. Also, there is a counter available for enquiries. The mobile container carries tools and materials such as computers, touch screen monitors as well as educational books to help make learning a fun experience for the children.

Neonatal care

The app that can help parents who have new-born babies with useful informations.

Mask For The Four Eyes

Mask for the four eyes , that is our social innovation project title. We have selected to innovate this mask is because during this pandemic situation, there has been a Lot of complain especially from the people that wear glass on how uncomfortable for them to wear mask because their glasses keeps on fogging on every circumstances. We also innovate this mask regardless on age because our scope of target user comprises all from children to elderly. During our interview with all the socialites, there is one important key that we noticed which is they are losing their laughter because on how pale and simple the mask looks. We are not just to love the problem of fogging but but to solve both physically and psychologically of the user. From that, we create something new and fresh in the market which is applying and inserting some decorative elements on the mask to bring back joy and laughter in the society this simultaneously making the society to interact with each other by bring them joy. Our innovation also is also environmental friendly whereby we use recycle materials as the decorative materials. Our minor goal is also to create a mask that is compatible with the 3R.


Spacesaver is a 2-in-1 cabinet attached with a transparent foldable table and chairs. Not only for storage purposes, but it can also save up space for the environment. Hence, there will be more space for other activities. Overall, it makes the environment look roomier and comfortable, and provides a better learning environment for students.

Ergonomics Chair (+Ergo App)

Since this pandemic has started, we, students including our lecturers and parents have been challenged to adapt to remote working or remote learning. Currently, most of us are experiencing the WFH syndrome which includes overworking and sitting in front of the screens for far too long. Aching shoulders, slouching backs, and neck pain? The Ergonomics Chair has 5D headrest, open shoulder design, dynamic bionic spine adjustment, lumbar auto-tracking system and automatic sensors that alert you when sitting improperly. To compliment the chair, The Ergo App has features like guided set-up, friendly improper sitting positions notifications, sedentariness alerts, practical tips for healthy work life and monthly sitting posture statistics. This successful product has received many positive feedbacks from our end users. Taking into account the budget of students and employees as well as the outcome of our market research (i.e., existing ergonomics chair are priced at RM800 and more) , we priced our chair at RM299.

How To Not Get Hungry by Hungry People

This is a cooking card game designed for those who wish to learn how to cook and manage their daily lives better - all within an arm's reach. The game will provide tonnes of fun, be it solo or in-group while including functions to help with your cooking needs & learning. It will be paired with a companion app and website, which include a range of functions from recipe archives, tutorial videos, calorie counter and even a handy ingredient price tracker, to name a few! The aim of this card game is to encourage people to learn how to cook, identify ingredients and appliances, budget out their grocery lists, eat healthily and manage their meals properly.

Win-Wind Sol-utions

The indigenous people and homeless people of Batek in Jerantut, Pahang are living in an environment that lacks of clean water supply and doesn't have connection to the power grid. Our project addresses SDG 7, which is in hopes of ensuring access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all. By using our skill, we hope that we could provide an idea that can provide sustainable electricity at an affordable price in hopes of helping the people of Batek. So, after considering the situation of Batek, we have come up with a solar wind turbine generator that can generate power during day and night time. This prototype is made from polylactic acid which is proved to be eco-friendly and affordable so it can be easily mass-produced and install for each household. Considering the fact that this kampung has no proper access, we made it so that our prototype is easy enough for the locals to install and repair.


A board game RPG(Role-Playing-Game) where all the game interactables (cards, flow, special effects, board and story) are animal info based. The more you play the game, the more information will be shared around, the more knowledgeable the players become. We hope your imagination as a pet owner in the game will be turned into an experience for yourself

Homeless to home

This project is to target the community of roughly 150 million individuals who are homeless. To contribute to this individuals, we have collaborated with to innovate a shelter that is light (portable), easy to assemble, involves environmental friendly materials and durable as has experienced homeless individuals leaving their community even after providing them a shelter as maybe they prefer living on the streets and having their freedom. Hence, with those issues and targets to achieve, our group brainstormed, innovated and created a prototype of 1:10 model to display our mechanism and the structure that we have brainstormed of into a physical model.


Our group is currently working with Purple studio in an attempt to discover an innovative method to provide sleeping tents for the less fortunate and homeless in Malaysia. Our main goal for this project is to search and develop an affordable, stable, portable and safe shelter in order to curb the growing number of homeless Individuals that are forced to find shelter in public areas and structures. Currently Homlessness is not only a national issue but countries all over the world face this problem, a study conducted by habitat for humanity in 2015 estimated that there are as many as 1.6 billion people around the world who live in “inadequate shelter”. However there is currently no official number for the amount of homeless people in Malaysia, although a study conducted by the office of YB Wong Chen (member of parliament) states that in february 2016 there was as many as between 1,500 - 2,000 homeless people.


The project focuses on preliminary studies on Penang’s context for Smart City innovation for Climate Adaptation Program in collaboration with Mercy Malaysia. The community of both locations, George Town and Bayan Lepas, are approached to obtain perspectives on nature impacted lifestyles. The aim of the research is to explore the everyday aspects of community living and lifestyles, with focus on the specific exposure and vulnerability towards risks and disaster. The findings will be used to develop prototypical solutions for specific issues, by using smart city idea in order create resilience. Our product are Smart Watches that are going to change the elderly’s lives.

‘Neotentric’ - Ashelter for the Homeless

In Malaysia, the homeless community has always been an issue as the inappropriate living conditions of the homeless shelter does not meet the community standard as they only use simple approaches such as sheets and newspapers. Our objective is to come out with a simple portable and durable innovative shelter that is cost effective for the homeless to be able to hand carry it anywhere without hassle. This is achieved by folding the shelter through retracting it which is inspired by a retractable barrier gate through using sustainable materials such as bamboo sheets. The final prototype of shelter known as Neotentric was a great success as it has met the project’s aims of having portability, durability and low-cost. In conclusion, group members were able to successfully implement the design thinking process and identify results of the outcome and hopefully our collaborator accepts our idea.

Project NRG - A Simpler Solution to Water & Energy Sustainability

Project NRG is a solar energy and water purification system made to help the Malaysian Orang Asli community by providing them a way to get access to sustainable clean water and electricity. In detail, the indigenous community that we will be targeting is the orang asli of Kampung Sungai Timun in Negeri Sembilan as the community lacked proper access to water, electricity and shelter. The system will consist of a small solar panel as well as a filtration system leading into a water distillation system thus successfully providing them the necessities in everyday life.

The H2Over

Climatic considerations in Smart Community Adaptations and Wellbeing" Emphasizing on the preliminary studies on Penang’s context for a Smart City innovation for Climate Adaptation Program in collaboration with Mercy Malaysia, we approached the community of Bayan Lepas, to obtain perspectives on nature impacted lifestyles, with focus on understanding the specific exposures and vulnerability towards risks and disaster. The findings will be used to develop prototypical solutions for specific issues identified from the community

Multi-functional Hydro Powered Technology

The 7th Sustainable Development Goal (SDG 7) focuses on providing clean, affordable, reliable and sustainable energy for all parts of the world. In our current state of technology and human evolution , renewable energy only covers approximately less than 15% of the total global energy source. Renewable energy is crucial in conserving the world’s natural resources as well as providing a solution to the current environmental issues. Our main focus of renewable energy was hydro-electric energy due to the abundance of water and its reusability. Hydroelectricity is a form of energy that harnesses the power of water in motion, such as water flowing over a waterfall. The objective of our prototype is to innovate the water turbine that produces hydroelectricity, this prototype was required to be optimal in rural areas that lack access to reliable electricity. Therefore, simultaneously preserving the natural environment of rural areas . Our innovation was to reuse the water from the turbine and convert it into clean and filtered water for domestic use.

The Link

The Community Smart Hub intends to be an interactive information and medical centre located in Bayan Lepas, Penang catered to the B40 Community. The centre focuses on tackling the issues of of “lack of preparedness” and psychological welfare pre and post flood disaster. Hence, the presence Community Smart Hub will be of great help to the B40 community pre, during and post flood disaster.

Don't Take Light for Granted

The aim is to create a 24 hours lighting by mixing roof light with solar panels. Orang Asli in Kampung Terubing 2,Pahang.

Within Us

The purpose of us creating this card game, Within Us, is to allow everyone to enjoy playing our game, including kids, youngsters, adults, and even parents. Not to mention that we also believe this card game can be extremely helpful to those who are facing minor mental health issues, such as depression, anxiety and negative thoughts. This is because there is a place for them to express out their feelings, emotions, and experiences with their friends or family. We believe our card game can create a great social connection between the players and his/her friends. It gives them a way to interact with their friends or family without the pressure of coming up with topics of conversation. In addition, Within Us, also helps to create awareness in each player regarding mental health issues, as players might have the opportunity to know their friends struggle and experiences.

Socially innovative Smart City

The project focuses on preliminary studies on Penang’s context for Smart City innovation for Climate Adaptation Program in collaboration with Mercy Malaysia. The community of both locations, George Town and Bayan Lepas, are approached to obtain perspectives on nature impacted lifestyles. The aim of the research is to explore the everyday aspects of community living and lifestyles, with focus on the specific exposure and vulnerability towards risks and disaster. The findings will be used to develop prototypical solutions for specific issues, by using smart city idea in order create resilience. They vary from Smart Alarm Systems, Smart Watches, Smart Wrist Band, Smart Hub for the Community and Smart Public Space.

River Water Management for Daily Use

The Batek people of Taman Negara are living deprived of daily necessities such as clean water, resilient housing and also electricity. Its 2020 why are there still people living in deprived of basic necessities such as clean water, electricity and resilient housing? After hearing about and seeing the problems they're facing, we have come up with a cheap and affordable solution to provide clean and safe water to the Batek people of Taman Negara. We can now not only pump water without using electricity but also get safe and clean water for daily use.

Socially Innovative Smart City for Penang

To help the elderly on natural disasters, we have designed a smart alarm system named "Bi-Bo", an intelligent digital alarm system that targets the elderly in George Town, Bayan Lepas, is installed in household for emergency use and announcement before disaster happens.The aim of the research is to explore the everyday aspects of community living and lifestyles, with focus on the specific exposure and vulnerability towards risks and disaster. The findings will be used to develop prototypical solutions for specific issues, by using smart city idea in order to create resilience.