‘Neotentric’ - Ashelter for the Homeless

In Malaysia, the homeless community has always been an issue as the inappropriate living conditions of the homeless shelter does not meet the community standard as they only use simple approaches such as sheets and newspapers. Our objective is to come out with a simple portable and durable innovative shelter that is cost effective for the homeless to be able to hand carry it anywhere without hassle. This is achieved by folding the shelter through retracting it which is inspired by a retractable barrier gate through using sustainable materials such as bamboo sheets. The final prototype of shelter known as Neotentric was a great success as it has met the project’s aims of having portability, durability and low-cost. In conclusion, group members were able to successfully implement the design thinking process and identify results of the outcome and hopefully our collaborator accepts our idea.

Background: Group 4 of the Homelessness to Home encountered proper shelter as a major concern of the homeless community. Hence, Group 4 decided to come up with a prototype of an appropriate shelter to tackle this issue
Organization: Purple Studio
Objective/Intended Outcome: To solve the issue of shelter for homelessness and improve the livelihoods of the homelessness
UN SDG: SDG 9- Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure
SDG 11- Sustainable Cities and Communities
SDG 13- Climate Action
Expected Deliverable: Week 15 of Semester 2 according to Social Innovation MI

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