Ergonomics Chair (+Ergo App)

Since this pandemic has started, we, students including our lecturers and parents have been challenged to adapt to remote working or remote learning. Currently, most of us are experiencing the WFH syndrome which includes overworking and sitting in front of the screens for far too long. Aching shoulders, slouching backs, and neck pain? The Ergonomics Chair has 5D headrest, open shoulder design, dynamic bionic spine adjustment, lumbar auto-tracking system and automatic sensors that alert you when sitting improperly. To compliment the chair, The Ergo App has features like guided set-up, friendly improper sitting positions notifications, sedentariness alerts, practical tips for healthy work life and monthly sitting posture statistics. This successful product has received many positive feedbacks from our end users. Taking into account the budget of students and employees as well as the outcome of our market research (i.e., existing ergonomics chair are priced at RM800 and more) , we priced our chair at RM299.

For us, in Malaysia, this new normal has started since March 2020 with the implementation of the Movement Control Order (MCO). Since most of us will be practising remote working for a long time, we decided to take this MPU4 module ‘The New Normal: Towards Healthy and Efficient Remote Working’ to do our best to make remote working experience more sustainable and comfortable. From our interviews, we realized that both students and employees have been overworking and sitting too long. To ease the burden on the back, we proposed our prototye the Ergonomics Cahir (+Ergo App) We have proactively taking ownership to make your remote working sustainable in the long run while focusing on Sustainable Development Goal 3 : Good Health and Well-Being.

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