Anxiefree is a multipurpose community app designed to reduce anxiety and the feeling of isolation. The app includes a customizable “panic button” feature which would enable immediate help when experiencing an anxiety or a panic attack. Anxiefree also provides a safe environment to connect with other users of similar interests and problems. With Anxiefree, you can connect within and further beyond.

The initial target audience for this app was anxiety disorder patients. However, after consulting with specialists as well as the patients themselves, we found that creating an app that would cater to general anxiety would be the better option. This project addresses the UN SDG 3 concerning good health and well-being. The purpose of creating this app is to offer support and help to those who are experiencing anxiety as much as we can. Anxiety can be seen almost as a form of normality nowadays with the hectic lifestyles we’re living, therefore, a quick and easy release from the stress is really what some people need. Hence, the Anxiefree app that can be installed into any smartphones and be used anytime and anywhere. Undeniably, the long-term goal of our app is to become the family that people never even thought they had or needed. As family provides care, love and support, so does Anxiefree.

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