Arise is a multifunctional mindfulness application created to be used in the workplace to allow employers to encourage the psychological well-being of their employees. By using Arise, employers are able to understand employees' thoughts and opinions and make necessary changes to improve the work environment. Arise offers organizational, social, wellness, and tools that allow employers to aid the employees to improve their mental health. Consequently, it also allows employers and employees to be able to manage their time and energy, reduce their stress levels as well as to promote a better work environment.

SDG3 (Good Health and Well-being)


Working Adults are facing many challenges in the workplace. This includes managing their workload, maintaining motivation in the job, managing life outside of work, maintaining performance, work and multi-tasking. Additionally, working adults also struggle to have a healthy and happy work environment which increases their psychological distress.

Our Objective:

To provide affordable psychological health-care service through an application that helps to improve the psychological well-being of employees in the workplace in order to reduce the rate of psychological distress among working adults.

Expected Deliverables:
1) To establish a psychologically healthier work environment.
2) To improve work efficiency and work productivity at the workplace.
3) To provide a platform for employees to voice out their opinions and concerns.

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