Feeding the poor with the vertical Herb Garden

The variety of herbs in the herb garden is very limited, causing limited exposure for students of SJK(T) Jalan Tepi Sungai to the herbs. Therefore, this project aims to aid the school to make full use of its garden space and tackle issues faced with the garden. In the end, this project can educate school children in identifying different types of herbs and vegetables, important uses including growing them in a garden. A prototype was also made on how we are making changes to the herb garden to make it more productive to sustain the canteen to feed the marginalised children in the school. Many innovative ideas have been put together as a team such as, hydroponic watering, rainwater harvesting, vertical gardening, and solar paneling which will provide the best for the students of the school.

The background was within a school community at Tepi Sungai Tamil school in Klang. Its a Government school with limited budget. The school Principle wanted to innovate a few areas within the school. Our group chose a garden space to create a herb garden for the children to manage. Our SDG is SDG 3: good health and well being and we hope our vertical and hydroponic garden will be able to provide healthy and nutritious herbs and vegetables for the children.

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