Homeless To Home

Homelessness is an international issue that exists in a lot of societies and every locality people live in, and some people in the world suffer from instability due to homelessness. When an individual is homeless, they have lost a safe and stable place to reside. Our project, The Tricastle resembles the three conical roofs of a castle so it was named after the shape of a castle. It is portable with wheels and handle for easy dragging. It can also be folded into a trolley that can carry their personal belongings on-the-go. This idea was better in terms of protection as it can protect the homeless from sun, insects, wind, rain, hot and cold temperatures as well as enemy observation. In addition, the homeless can rest and stay inside the shelter, it provides a feeling of well-being.

With our project, we intend to improve the sleeping condition of the homeless individuals by developing and constructing a comfortable, strong and sustainable portable shelter. Experiencing poverty or homelessness can contribute to health issues. The health can deteriorate, whether from another illness, or stress, or lifestyle factors such as diet and exercise. As a result, it requires both long-term preventative solutions and short-term crisis solutions in order to aid in the recovery of those who suffer from its effects. How might we help the homeless community to minimise their suffering in the current situation? Homelessness is just temporary, sometimes all they need is just someone to help them to get back on their feet thus we can help them in terms of giving them a nice shelter.

Further developing this prototype will require more testing on the materials to ensure it is durable. Sourcing for sustainable materials will also be a vital step in creating a solution for homelessness without polluting the environment.

In a nutshell, pathways into homelessness are varied, depending on economic, individual, structural and interpersonal factors. Despite there being a large number of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) that contribute services to the homeless community, lack of cooperation and coordination reduces the outcome that NGOs as a whole could make.Although it can’t be denied that homelessness issues are very difficult to tackle, we believe that if efforts are made, it can be reduced for sure.

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