How To Not Get Hungry by Hungry People

This is a cooking card game designed for those who wish to learn how to cook and manage their daily lives better - all within an arm's reach. The game will provide tonnes of fun, be it solo or in-group while including functions to help with your cooking needs & learning. It will be paired with a companion app and website, which include a range of functions from recipe archives, tutorial videos, calorie counter and even a handy ingredient price tracker, to name a few! The aim of this card game is to encourage people to learn how to cook, identify ingredients and appliances, budget out their grocery lists, eat healthily and manage their meals properly.

Our main target audience is students who have minimal cooking skills, lacks time and wanting to take a step to learn. We have found out that many youths are having a hard time with cooking, or even learning how to cook. They lack interest and motivation to cook, they need to rush with cooking since they lack time to do so, they don’t know what ingredients to use, they have no knowledge on cookware and appliances, they don't know how to get the taste right, they are not sure of the calories of the food, they are unsure if it is good and healthy for them, they don't know how to budget their meals and they have no knowledge on ratio-ing the food and ingredients. From feedbacks, it was mentioned that cooking is a hard thing to learn. There are no easily accessible simple guide and instruction to teach cooking. SDGs that we address is: Good health and well-being (by teaching how to make healthy and balanced meals).


Time Needed:-
60 days for testing and polishing the game with the prototypes
30 days for designing and revamping the appearance & gameplay
At least 3 months to complete a polished framework
Possibly another 3 months to collect and generate learning data for users

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