Jadi Kawan 2.0

Around the world, there had been mental health issues among teenagers due to stress, neglect, child abuse or even trauma. It has been found that loneliness is as dangerous as smoking a cigarette and it happens among teenagers. The reason being is that either they have low self-esteem, or they might have bad experience to death. So we had interviews with teenagers with metal health issues and we can conclude that what they have in common is loneliness. They are afraid to reach out for help so we decided to create a mobile application called Jadi Kawan 2.0 which aims to curb the suicide and depression rate among adolescence and inspire people to be more sociable and be less lonely.

Jadi Kawan 2.0 is an mobile application which is a messaging app which helps to connect with people, who suffer from loneliness from all around the globe. They can book a consultation to our reliable psychiatrist if they need any help. Our objectives is to create awareness of the consequences as well as improve the livelihoods of one self by identifying the ways and methods and we hope that the users can be sociable. The outcome we would hope for is that Jadi Kawan 2.0 will make a difference for people who has loneliness. This project that we created address the UN SDG which is the Good and Well Being. We are delivering best quality service to our users for instant our main feature of the app namely the SOS alert button.

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