We as a group, realise that children’s face mask is very crucial, especially during this global pandemic. We believe that children are our future, therefore, we have to take care of them. Before we started, we all had to ask ourselves “What problems do children face?” That is when Empathy comes in, we interview children, parents and teachers to find out what problems they face with children’s face masks first hand. Then, we move to Define, where we analyse the data we have gotten from the interview. We then move to Ideate, where we brainstorm what we can create to fix the problem they face, and that’s when the idea of “Mascarilla” comes to our minds. Mascarilla is a reusable, comfortable and breathable face mask suitable for children. After coming up with the idea of Mascarilla, we had to create several prototypes and test it, whether or not people will like it.

During this global pandemic, the production of face masks increased. Most are lucky enough to buy some facemask, but few people weren’t as fortunate. However, during this challenging time, creative minds never quit. Instead, they took it upon themselves to create facemasks from the items in their homes. After having several group meetings, we have decided to make children our target market. We have realised that most current facemasks are only suitable for adults and are not appropriately designed for children; this may cause complication with size, which in the end, will fail the prevention of the virus. We, as a group agree that face masks for children, is a very important topic, especially during this global pandemic. Our children are our future; therefore, we have to take care of them. The objective of this project is to create innovative face masks suitable for children. From the internet and people’s input, we want to gather up as much information as we can get, about problems faced by children when wearing a facemask. We would like to learn from them and hopefully, by the end of this project, solve these problems and create a new innovative children’s facemask. The UN SDG involved in our project is SDG 3, which is ‘Good Health and Well-Being’. For now, Mascarilla offers 3 designs (Unicorn Printing, Animal Printing and Cow Printing) with 2 different sizes, one big and one small. In total, we have 7 Mascarilla face masks. Three big ones and four small ones.

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