Mask For The Four Eyes

Mask for the four eyes , that is our social innovation project title. We have selected to innovate this mask is because during this pandemic situation, there has been a Lot of complain especially from the people that wear glass on how uncomfortable for them to wear mask because their glasses keeps on fogging on every circumstances. We also innovate this mask regardless on age because our scope of target user comprises all from children to elderly. During our interview with all the socialites, there is one important key that we noticed which is they are losing their laughter because on how pale and simple the mask looks. We are not just to love the problem of fogging but but to solve both physically and psychologically of the user. From that, we create something new and fresh in the market which is applying and inserting some decorative elements on the mask to bring back joy and laughter in the society this simultaneously making the society to interact with each other by bring them joy. Our innovation also is also environmental friendly whereby we use recycle materials as the decorative materials. Our minor goal is also to create a mask that is compatible with the 3R.

The background of our innovation is to innovate a mask for the society that is wearing glasses so that they can have a peaceful mind when they wear their glasses with the mask. Our objective is to ensure the people that buy our mask would physically and psychologically happy. Our mask is also environmental friendly as all of our decorative materials is a recycle materials as on the modern era, there has been a lot of wastage that causes our earth to fragile, we as the younger generation would simultaneously making people aware that reduce , reuse and recycle is very important in order to live in a peaceful world.

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