No Taste for Waste

No Taste for Waste was established by a group of 8 students from Taylor’s University. Our purpose is to ease the operation flow of the orphanage which has been suffering from difficult times due to the outbreak of the pandemic. We came up with an idea to bring convenience and simplicity to both the orphanage and the donors. A prototype was sent to them for a test in order for us to gain further information from a third-party perspective. As a result, their evaluation about the prototype had enlightened us and we had made better changes.

We are students from Taylor’s University and the project we are currently doing is food security. Our group, No Taste for Waste, is designated to help the orphanages to overcome this tough time during the pandemic. Our plan is to ease the flow of the food source and donation in order for the orphans to have a better and nutritious food to be healthy. By this, we have listed out the items and necessities required so that people would know what to provide in which follows the orphans’ food consumption. Most importantly, we are doing this to provide them without costing a single cent. For these to work, we have created a prototype to show them our plan. This is for the ease of the operation and the convenience the orphanage and the donors. For the orphanage, they may put up their needs in the app so that it will show it to the donors what they need. For the donors, they can download our app and make their donation by just going through a few taps. They will know the progress of the donation through the progress bar and the calendar so that they will keep track on where have their donations went. Moreover, they will also have access to the information about the orphanage. By the end of the day, we aim to resolve their food source problems and food security.

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