Psychological and Well-being of medical staff and new parents

The main objective of this project is to find out the psychological and well-being needs of working adults or in this case would be medical staff and new parents. Our research problem would be how to overcome the psychological and well being of medical staff and new parents when it comes to neonatal care?
The methods used in the project was by having an interview via online (Zoom) with three participants. One that caught our attention was a nurse who works in the ICU under Neonatal care. We then brought an idea to the table where we would create an app to aid and guide new parents and the newly born babies. This way it saves the time and energy of nurses or any medical staff. According to the nurse, this project idea could be very helpful for everyone.

To create an app that could help medical staff and new parents with their newly born child through aids and guides. Parents usually have a lot of questions when it comes to their new child but this can take the time of medical staff. Therefore we decided to create an app to help guide and answer these parents question and worries. In hope that this app is created, we would like organizations like NGOs and even a hospital to be involved in this for gathering more information and to keep the app running. Our goal is to promote and apply the psychological and well being in medical staff and their work load can be unbearable sometimes. We hope this project could life a bit of the burden and trouble off their shoulder.

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