Repurposing Food Waste in Eateries

THE WASTE LAB is an app that strives to assist in UN’s SDG 12. From our interviews with our target audiences, we found that they have problems in managing their food waste because of the lack of manpower and knowledge, the odor it leaves as well as limited space within the cafe. Some strengths of the app would be that it strives to eliminate food waste, it will provide more jobs, and that it’s easy to use!

How does the app work? The app is categorized into three different users, namely, seller, buyer, and driver. The sellers’ app allows them to market their available food waste to buyers. Conversely, through the buyers’ app, they are able to select the food waste that they desire. Lastly, the driver’s app gets notified when there’s a job available to deliver the food waste from the seller to the buyer.

Currently, the world is facing a huge food waste problem. Therefore, we are here to create and provide a solution to repurpose the food waste. This solution strives to achieve UN's SDG12; sustainable consumption and production. Hence, by creating this solution, we hope that we are able to reduce food waste.

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