Restructuring the Library and Media room

Our group was assigned to work on possible improvements for the library and the media room of SK(T) Tepi Sungai, Klang. Due to Covid-19 limitations, we only had access to photos to certain portions of the library and media room. However, by conducting a meeting with one of the school teachers in the school, we were able to access as to what was needed to be done. Through various ideas, we decided to create a more child- centered library for the children to enjoy reading, have story telling activities and cultivate learning. Our prototype involves a virtual mock-up (created via digital software) of our rendition for an improved library and media room. Mainly focusing on ensuring a conducive learning environment while maintaining comfort. It is our hope that the prototype would prove to be engaging for the students as well as making teaching easier for the teachers.

Background of Community: Sek (T) Jalan Tepi Sungai, Klang ( a marginalised Tamil school in Klang)
The aim was to provide innovative solutions, enhance the productivity and learning environment with a touch of improved aesthetic outlook for different locations/ departments in the school. The locations were highlighted by the school Principle
5 groups were assigned to 5 different areas/locations to provide innovative suggestions and create prototypes for future developments when budget is available. The 5 areas are : Library and Media rooms, Outside Herb garden, Open space classroom, Compost Pit and Field beautification, & Teachers' Resource Room
SDG 4 Quality Education

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