Reusable Mask for people who unavoidable to wear it

A facial mask that is biodegradable. Prior to the pandemic, most of the facial masks that sell in the local stores are just for one-time use and it is uncomfortable for many people, like face acne as the mask keeps rubbing the skin by wearing it for a long period. Moreover, The number of used disposable masks being thrown as general waste that leads to environmental pollution keeps increasing because wearing face masks is a new normal as we enter the post-COVID-19 era. Therefore, there has been a great push in the area of producing reusable face masks, which are mostly cotton based that come with a filter layer inserted. With awareness of the recent situation, we tried to target the people who need to wear the mask for job purposes since there were lots of concerns that caused by normal masks regardless of working place. By covering all problems above in our mask, we have expected it to become a better solution for them.

We started this social innovation project by considering the comfortability of people and durability of the mask in terms of materials, size and design. Our objective in innovating this face shield mask is to protect people from disease, prevent fogging and breathing issues, and provide society with comfortable and safer products. The UN SDG in this project is good health and well being. The face shield mask is expected to deliver a more comfortable, happier lifestyle for the society. It is designed for long term uses targeted people with job purposes and unavoidable to wear it. 2020 was a challenging year for a lot of us, whereby things are out of our control. In the midst of pandemic and societal tensions, this year felt like a storm that needed to happen for the light to come. The face shield mask intends to encourage the community to move forward to brighter days in years ahead, full of hope, new chances and new beginnings.

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