River Water Management for Daily Use

The Batek people of Taman Negara are living deprived of daily necessities such as clean water, resilient housing and also electricity. Its 2020 why are there still people living in deprived of basic necessities such as clean water, electricity and resilient housing? After hearing about and seeing the problems they're facing, we have come up with a cheap and affordable solution to provide clean and safe water to the Batek people of Taman Negara. We can now not only pump water without using electricity but also get safe and clean water for daily use.

The indigenous people of Taman Negara are living deprived of basic necessities. So, we have came up with a pump and water filtration system that requires very minimal electricity. Our prototype consists of a water wheel pump that requires no electricity at all to pump water by using the energy of the river water current and also a filtration system that can remove all harmful substances from the water source. By using our engineering skillsets, we were able to put together a working system that would reduce the burden faced by the Batek people on a daily basis. Our project addresses SDG 7 . We expect to deliver clean water without needing electricity for everyone.

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