Safe Traveler (Covid-19 Travel Map & SafeZone Database)

The main idea behind our app, the Safe Traveler is to enable students, business & leisure travelers to access relevant information on the border control of the countries, updated covid-19 stats, SOPs followed within the countries, identification of hotspots, receive covid-19 exposure notifications and availability of airlines to the preferred destinations from a single platform. We believe this app will be an innovative solution specially to our target audience to fly safely without having to be affected by the current pandemic and be instrumental in preventing covid-19 related to travelling.

The UN SDG which will be focused on our project will be good health and well being. The biggest threat to our health currently is the on-going covid-19 pandemic. As of today, we have seen millions of positive cases and several deaths which are disheartening. All the countries are working on enacting ways to prevent covid-19 towards the benefit of the health of their people. Covid-19 pandemic have proved to be a very challenging period for the travelers with regard to the travel restrictions put in place all over the world. In addition, travelling is one way in which covid-19 has been spreading fast. Travelling overseas, especially by flights a tedious task due to the lack of availability of flights, various countries that go in and out of lockdown from time to time, or border status which is constantly changing. Through the interviews we had conducted at the initial stage of the project, we found that many of the travelers are not fully educated specially on the border control of the countries, PCR test requirements of the countries, quarantine procedures and not sure which countries are safe to travel. Incase if they need to travel, they have to google to try and get these information. Based on these insights from the interviews, our group had decided to design an app, a platform where travelers specially our target audience, the students, business and leisure travelers can view all these relevant details before they plan any visits safely during this pandemic. Through different ideas, we had we had brought the Safe Traveler into existence. With the features added such as the border control, relevant SOPs, hotspot tracker, we believe the app will be helpful to our target audience to continue travelling without having to be affected by the on-going pandemic and travel restrictions put on place. With the information available through the app, travelers will be more alert and aware during their travelling , which will help to prevent covid-19.

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