Spacesaver is a 2-in-1 cabinet attached with a transparent foldable table and chairs. Not only for storage purposes, but it can also save up space for the environment. Hence, there will be more space for other activities. Overall, it makes the environment look roomier and comfortable, and provides a better learning environment for students.

The idea of Spacesaver came up after visiting one of the refugee learning centers located in Klang Valley. A two-shop-lot learning environment for around 46 students. A library is a place where students read and learn to gain knowledge. But due to the lack of space and resources, the library of the learning center can’t accommodate all students. Sometimes it also acts as a classroom and activity room. The shelves were full of books, boxes, and some board games. The packed environment may affect students' learning performance.

The intention of this project mainly focuses on enhancing the situation of the library, providing a comfortable learning environment for students. It addressed SDG 4 "Quality Education" and SDG 10 "Reduced Inequalities", hoping that Spacesaver could upgrade the quality of the learning environment as they deserve an equal education even being refugees. Shelves of Spacesaver comes with different ratios, giving them more storage flexibility. Inspired by furniture design in Hong Kong, the table and chairs are foldable. It was an ideal strategy when it comes to smaller spaces. The transparent table and chairs made with acrylic material would be the highlight point of this project, enabling students to see through when it is closed. The library after Spacesaver is expected to look tidy and neat and has much more activity space.

Spacesaver delivers the value of bringing a greater space area for other activities and enables them to find books, documents, efficiently and conveniently. Also, as mentioned before, the saved spaces allow students to do other activities such as playing chess games and reading books together in the library. In this context, it will create a memorable memory for the students to recall in the future. They will have a better studying and learning environment with Spacesaver that allows them to study healthily in a tidy and clean environment.

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