The Converter

Food waste is an inevitable issue nowadays, and it’s fairly believed that restaurants contribute a major part to it. Therefore, the idea of a converter has formed to combat the issue of food waste for restaurants as it has multiple beneficial purposes. It allows restaurants to effectively convert food waste into biogas, fertilizer, and electricity, which saves up costs for them. Not only this, it’s industrial friendly, and could be installed at different kinds of restaurants. The converter resolves the issue most practically, as to make waste into useable energy. More so, waste and leftovers were able to convert to useable energy, which enhances the environment by fulfilling the needs of restaurant

Our team revolves around students from Taylor University, ranging from the School of Business to the School of Art. The prototype is to come up with a technological device to effectively solve the food waste issue, with the main target being restaurants. With the idea from a blender, we decide to form a converter that can solve the issue that restaurants are facing.

The main goal of the converter is to convert food waste into renewable energy, such as biogas, electricity, and fertilizer. When the user shoves in the food from the input, it goes down in the tunnel and reaches the seal tank called digestor, where it will be heated and agitated. The absence of anaerobic bacteria then will consume and produce biogas. The UN SDG goals being addressed are affordable and clean energy as well as the responsible consumption and production of restaurants. By presenting the converter, we hope that our vision can be delivered throughout restaurants, in conjunction with arising the importance of the solution for food waste.

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