The H2Over

Climatic considerations in Smart Community Adaptations and Wellbeing" Emphasizing on the preliminary studies on Penang’s context for a Smart City innovation for Climate Adaptation Program in collaboration with Mercy Malaysia, we approached the community of Bayan Lepas, to obtain perspectives on nature impacted lifestyles, with focus on understanding the specific exposures and vulnerability towards risks and disaster. The findings will be used to develop prototypical solutions for specific issues identified from the community

Pronounced H- tower, it is a prototypical proposal of a Green Public Space to be located around the residential and commercial areas of Bayan Lepas for the B40 community to access. Its design is focused around a biomimetic approach in channeling the increase of rain fall toward productive uses and in turn reducing the water run off leading to floods. What is biomimetic you may ask, it is the method of mimicking the functionality or form of nature in solving our everyday problems! The duality of the structure enables it to also function as a community social hub to promote community well-being through sociability and with the providence of electronical facilities, they are able to maintain the well fare of their economics as they can use it as a e-market platform to sell their products or search for assistance!

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