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The Community Smart Hub intends to be an interactive information and medical centre located in Bayan Lepas, Penang catered to the B40 Community. The centre focuses on tackling the issues of of “lack of preparedness” and psychological welfare pre and post flood disaster. Hence, the presence Community Smart Hub will be of great help to the B40 community pre, during and post flood disaster.

The project focuses on preliminary studies on Penang’s context for Smart City innovation for Climate Adaptation Program in collaboration with Mercy Malaysia. The community of both locations, George Town and Bayan Lepas, are approached to obtain perspectives on nature impacted lifestyles. The aim of the research is to explore the everyday aspects of community living and lifestyles, with focus on the specific exposure and vulnerability towards risks and disaster. The findings will be used to develop prototypical solutions for specific issues, by using smart city idea in order create resilience . They vary from Smart Alarm Systems, Smart Watches, Smart Wrist Band, Smart Hub for the Community and Smart Public Space.

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