User-friendly Bus Stop—I.S.A.C.A

Bus stops are a very important element in urban mobility, linking the user to public transport. It is essential that the infrastructure be adequate to accommodate the users with comfort and safety, providing correct information about the city and the transport system. Our targeted group is 19-30 years old undergraduate university students, including disabled students, who use buses to travel often. They need more seats, bigger space and a shade to shelter them while locating the bus stop in a convenient and safe area. We name our bus stop as I.S.A.C.A. This acronym stands for Informative, Safety, Accessibility, Capacity and Additional Facilities. Our bus stop has unique design features which fulfills the five stated aspects to build a sustainable city.

To have a successful sustainable city, a functioning bus stop needs to be in place as its basic requirement for an efficient public transport system. However, there are a lot of issues with bus stops in Malaysia such as graffiti, no display of estimated arrival time (ETA) of a bus, inaccessible to disabled people and poor lighting at the night time. Our project aims to design a user-friendly bus stop in Malaysia to achieve the goals of SDG 9 (Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure) and SDG 11 (Sustainable Cities and Communities). By building innovative, resilient infrastructure (i.e., bus stop), we hope to promote inclusive and sustainable cities. We design our prototype using Sketch-Up software. Our I.S.A.C.A bus stop is informative, accommodates high capacity of users, accessible to disabled people, safe and equipped with additional facilities. In terms of information, we provide a route map and ETA on an electronic signboard. The bus stop is spacious to accommodate more users. It has disabled ramp and tactile pathway to guide people with visual impairment. It is safe as it has lights, CCTV, fencing and seats of different heights. It is equipped with additional facilities such as recycled bins, WIFI, charging stands, fan for heat dissipation , a vending machine and e-books. In conclusion: we hope this eco-friendly and user-friendly bus stop can attract more students to use public transport.

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