Virtual Generated Classroom

Teaching and learning during these pandemic times should be a fun, convenient, and easy experience for both the children and teachers. However, that is not the case as many children and teachers find that learning through an online platform to be difficult. Many children find it hard to focus in class due to the distractions of home and the teachers on the other hand find it hard to control the students. This results in children that lack the skills to adapt to a physical environment when they return to school, and teachers who may even have a harder time teaching them.

We proposed an game-like platform where students can engage their classes with an addition of features such as a leveling up system, character customization, character interactions which allow the students to have fun while paying attention to classes. At the same time teachers will have access to commands which aid their teaching experience such as the ability to mute all students, gather the students, provide the students with tasks and quizzes and many more.

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