Win-Wind Sol-utions

The indigenous people and homeless people of Batek in Jerantut, Pahang are living in an environment that lacks of clean water supply and doesn't have connection to the power grid. Our project addresses SDG 7, which is in hopes of ensuring access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all. By using our skill, we hope that we could provide an idea that can provide sustainable electricity at an affordable price in hopes of helping the people of Batek. So, after considering the situation of Batek, we have come up with a solar wind turbine generator that can generate power during day and night time. This prototype is made from polylactic acid which is proved to be eco-friendly and affordable so it can be easily mass-produced and install for each household. Considering the fact that this kampung has no proper access, we made it so that our prototype is easy enough for the locals to install and repair.

Volunteers (Local and NGO), local indigenous people and professionals are involved in this project in hopes of providing kampung Batek with a reliable source of green energy that is affordable.

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