Within Us

The purpose of us creating this card game, Within Us, is to allow everyone to enjoy playing our game, including kids, youngsters, adults, and even parents. Not to mention that we also believe this card game can be extremely helpful to those who are facing minor mental health issues, such as depression, anxiety and negative thoughts. This is because there is a place for them to express out their feelings, emotions, and experiences with their friends or family. We believe our card game can create a great social connection between the players and his/her friends. It gives them a way to interact with their friends or family without the pressure of coming up with topics of conversation. In addition, Within Us, also helps to create awareness in each player regarding mental health issues, as players might have the opportunity to know their friends struggle and experiences.

Our team is a group of 2nd semester Taylor's University's students from Bachelor of Mass Communication and Bachelor of Business. One of our member has recently met an issue about his best friends suicide due to mental health problems. This inspired us to come out with a game, which we hope can improve the issue by practicing emphatical listening and expressing feelings vocally. We hope that by playing our game, people are able to release their stress and provide a safe environment where they can talk and share about their feelings and experiences.

Within Us is a game that is created with the main purpose of reducing the number of mental health issues, no matter big or small. As stated in the Sustainable Development Goals, good health and well-being plays a significant role to transform the world. If one has serious mental health issues, one might suffer from severe concerns such as suicide and anxiety. We expect that this game can reduce the risk of people having serious mental health issues or reduce mental health symptoms of the people who are suffering from mental health issues. We also hope that this game can further cooperate with psychological hospital or psychologist by determining the questions stated in the game, and of course providing their contact on our game packaging or page. This allows people who are in need to reach out to someone who can help them, thereby reducing accidents caused by mental health problems.

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